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About Laser and Light Hair Removal
The Laser and Light Hair Removal Clinic is located on the second floor of the Skin Care Centre in the Lions Laser Skin Centre. Laser hair removal is an efficient, safe and effective technique that deactivates growing hair follicles with minimal stress on the skin. Our laser accredited Registered Nurses perform all hair removal treatments. You benefit from their medical knowledge and laser specific training. A board-certified Dermatologist is available for additional advice if needed.

A free consultation determines your skin type and suitability for hair removal. A thorough explanation of the procedure is given that includes potential side effects, limitations and expected outcomes. The staff will help you set realistic goals regarding what can be accomplished given current technology.

Laser and Light Hair Removal is not covered under the Medical Services Plan and is considered a cosmetic procedure. The cost of your treatments will depend on the area being treated and technology used. Our fees are quoted per treatment, as the number of treatments required varies greatly from patient to patient and area to area.

Because we're affiliated with VGH and UBC, we're teachers, and a centre for higher learning.  when unwanted hair is a concern, the latest techniques are used to safely speed you toward your aesthetic goals. Laser and light hair removal are safe, and effective hair removal techniques for most skin and hair types.

  • Hair colour, texture, location and skin type affect results and the number of treatments required.
  • Scarring or side effects are not common.
  • Most common side effect is dark or white spots. These usually improve over time but may be permanent.
  • Most clients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. The most common is a sensation of warmth or pin pricks during treatment.
  • Exclusions are:
  • - Taking medication which increases sensitivity to light
    - Pregnancy
    - Tendency to scar and/or form keloids (thick scars)
    - Recent tan
    - Pacemakers may be a contraindication with some
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