Frequently Asked Questions

Can I avoid age spots altogether?
  • The best way to avoid age spots is to stay out of the sun, or at least wear protective clothing and plenty of sunscreen. Using sun protection will not only keep the blemishes from appearing, they will also help prevent skin cancer and wrinkling which can also be caused by exposure to the sun's rays. Generally, for effective protection, a SPF 30 or higher is recommended. It is particularly important to cover young children to prevent them from developing signs of sun damage later in life.
Will there be scarring from using laser treatment to remove age spots or brown blemishes?
  • Scarring is very uncommon, but there is always a slight risk of side effects from any skin treatment. This will be discussed during the consultation.
  • Some skin types are more prone to side effects than others, but most side effects are reversible in time.
How many treatments are required?
  • The number of treatments required varies is related to the color of the area to be treated, how deep it lies in the skin, the size, number of areas being treated, and your expectations as a patient.
  • During your consultation, the dermatologist will able to estimate the likely number of sessions required.
How painful is the treatment?
  • Pain is an individual experience affected by a variety of factors. Each laser impact on the skin has been described as "an elastic band slapping your skin". Many people require nothing during treatment, while others choose to put on a topical anesthetic (freezing cream), which must be applied one hour prior to treatment. We recommend that you have the nurse apply it the first time to ensure you understand how to use it correctly.
Can I have treatment for age spots if I am pregnant?
  • As with any laser procedure, there is no long-term data available to say that laser is harmful to the fetus, but we recommend waiting until after the birth of your child before any treatment.
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