As we get older, sun damage to our skin accumulates. Age spots are a natural part of that process. Also known as "liver spots", "sun spots", "freckles", or even "wisdom spots," these marks usually begin as tan spots, which appear on our hands, arms, feet or chest. Except for being unattractive to some, these tiny marks are usually harmless, generally appearing after the age of 30.

Like a tan, the spots on the top layer of the skin indicate the sun has damaged the skin. Sometimes, these flat spots thicken and grow to look like a wart, or crumble and bleed when scratched with a fingernail. Such signals justifiably cause fear in today's cancer-conscious world. If these changes spots persist, there may be a problem. These spots should be checked periodically by a your family physician or dermatologist.

At the Lions Laser Skin Care Centre, we have developed a range of treatments that deliver excellent results in the removal of age spots. One effective method to reduce or eliminate these spots from your skin uses laser technology.

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