There is no denying that we live in a society that values youth and youthful appearance. Some of us age more noticeably than others, and this can affect us both physically and psychologically.

Older skin is often sun-damaged skin, and the prevention of further damage can be accomplished by reducing your sun exposure. However, over time our skin ages, and shows its age in spite of being careful to use sunscreens and protective clothing. Modern dermatology recognizes that science has the power to assist people in their quest to look to look younger through a variety of techniques that can improve your appearance.

What do many people think of when they think about looking more youthful? Generally they express a desire to:
  • remove facial lines
  • remove vein problems
  • minimize wrinkles
  • make their lips appear fuller
  • improve the general appearance and texture of their skin
Although there is no fountain of youth, many of the following procedures and treatments can be used alone or in combination to achieve the expressed desires of our patients. Hair Loss - Achieving More Hair

Hair loss in both men and women represents one aspect of aging and genetics that is a concern to many people. Hair loss can have psychological effects, including lack of confidence, poor self-image, and feeling unattractive. Techniques in hair transplant surgery involving micrografts allows patients to address hair loss with a natural looking solution that empowers them to feel confident again.

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