Frequently Asked Questions

What causes these blood vessels to become visible?
  • The cause of spider veins is not known. In many cases they seem to be hereditary. Spider veins appear in both men and women, but more frequently in women.
  • - The hormones estrogen and progesterone may play a role in their development
    - Puberty, birth control pills, pregnancy, or hormone replacement often seems to bring them out
    - Spider veins on the nose and cheeks of fair-skinned people may be related to sun exposure
Can spider veins be prevented?
  • We recommend the use of sunscreen to limittheir development on the face.
Will there be any scarring?
  • Although scarring is uncommon, a slight risk of side effects accompanies any skin treatment, but most side effects are reversible with time. For example, some skin types are more prone to side effects than others. This will be discussed in the consultation.
How painful is the procedure?
  • Pain is an individual experience. The laser treatment is often described as an elastic band "slapping" your skin. People feel the same sharp sensation differently.
  • To prevent discomfort during treatment we offer a range of options. Patients undergoing Spider Vein Therapy generally require having the treatment area frozen with a local or regional nerve-block procedure. Once the freezing takes effect, discomfort is minimal. For larger areas, a general anesthetic may be used.
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