At the Lions Laser Skin Centre, we have developed effective procedures for the removal of tattoos. Tattoo removal can be a complicated procedure, and should always begin with a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists. During your consultation, the doctor will assess the size, colouration, and location of the tattoo along with the individual factors, such as colour and texture of your skin.

Today the majority of tattoos are removed using lasers, which are considered the standard for tattoo removal. There is a lower risk of scarring when lasers are used compared with earlier techniques such as dermabrasion or excision.

  • Most tattoos can be removed using lasers. Different wavelengths of light are used depending on the colours in the tattoo.
  • Black, blue, and red pigments are the easiest colours to remove.
  • Green, orange, yellow and white pigments are the most difficult colours to remove.
  • More than one wavelength or laser may be used to remove the tattoo.
  • Tattoos done by professionals usually have more pigment and colours; and thus, are usually more difficult to remove than “amateur” tattoos.
  • Professional tattoos may take twelve or more treatments. Amateur tattoos often take only two to four sessions. The sessions are spaced about 2 months apart.
  • Complete clearing may not be achievable with multi-coloured professional tattoos, but lightening typically describes best results.
Lasers are considered the standard for tattoo removal today. The type of laser used depends on the pigment colours in your tattoo, since each laser type removes certain pigment colours.

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